The SideSlider adds additional space for content outside of the main theme area.

There are several options available for configuring the SideSlider feature, such as the toggle or whether it is fixed or slides into view.

The position is perfect for extra content or even full length advertisements.


Choose between two menu options: Dropdown Menu or Splitmenu; each with mobile support.

Dropdown Menu is a CSS based dropdown menu with advanced features such as multiple columns and subtext.

Splitmenu is a static menu choice with parent items in the header and children in the sidebar.


A powerful, multi-platform, core template framework, which is free and licensed under GPL.

One of Gantry's most notable feature is its custom user interface which provides an intuitive and user friendly configuration console.

A standardized set of features and capabilities are powered by Gantry.


RokSprocket is a powerful and flexible content switchblade plugin

The plugin benefits from multiple layouts and numerous themes for most layouts, offering a wide assortment of possible content configurations.

A responsive layout that adapts to varying devices such as smartphones

The layout adapts automatically to the viewing device, such as tablet, without the need for separate themes, to maximise cross-platform compatibility.

Quickly and easily adjust the theme color scheme with Gantry

The intuitive administrator provides a rich interface for swiftly adjusting various colors, backgrounds and overlays of the various theme elements.
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Dochters zijn klaar voor carnaval

  • Carnaval
  • School

Amelie als Rockstar en Rosalie als snoepje.

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De Colruyt kookboeken werken inspirerend.

  • Koken
  • Colruyt

Ik haal heel wat inspiratie uit de kookboeken van Colruyt. De gerechten die ik hieruit klaarmaak worden thuis steeds gesmaakt.

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Valentijn moet je iedere dag vieren

  • Valentijn
  • Liefde

De mooiste Valentijn is dat je kan terugblikken om de mooie jaren samen en uitkijken naar de jaren die nog moeten komen.

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Dit is een test

From Our Blog

  • Fluid
    A Layout that Adapts Whether it's Desktop or Mobile

    A responsive design automatically adjusts to the viewing device without the need for separate themes.
  • Menu
    Multiple Menu Types to Select and Configure

    The options available are either the Dropdown Menu, or Splitmenu. Each have mobile menu support.
  • Style
    An Assortment of Pre-Configured Preset Styles

    Choose from eight configurable style variations or create your own custom presets in the theme settings.
  • HTML5
    Unique HTML5 Canvas Graphical Charts

    With Chart.js, you can create stunning and exquisite graphical charts with ease, all using HTML5 Canvas.
  • LESS
    A CSS Language with Advanced Coding Features

    LESS CSS brings PHP-esque variables and features to stylesheet to improve development speed.
  • Font
    Rich Content Typography and A Library of Icons

    Clean and custom font choices individualize your content, alongside FontAwesome's catalogue of icons.
  • RTL
    Basic Theme and Gantry Right-To-Left Support

    Gantry has RTL support for its grid structure to switch positions, alongside theme specific adjustments.
  • Widget
    Individualize Widgets with Colorful VariationsColorful Variations

    Select from a series of compoundable stylistic and structural widget variations to diversify your widgetized content.

Upcoming Events

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Configurable Social Media Buttons

  • Offine
  • Counter

Custom Offline & Coming Soon Pages

  • Responsive
  • Fixed

Responsive, 960 & 1200 Layouts

One of the Gantry Framework's most notable features is its custom administrative interface. The theme settings page provides a user friendly and intuitive console to configure many aspects of the theme, from gizmos, styling, to layout controls.
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays
Customize the Style with Ease via the Extensive Color Chooser Options


  • All
  • Creamy
  • Healthy
  • Salty
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Tasty
    • Healthy
    • Sweet
    • Tasty

    A Content Block Layout with Auto Positioning

    Grids presents content in up to 10 columns, either as images, text overlays, static text or a combination of each or all.
    • Salty
    • Spicy
    • Tasty

    A Layout for Showcasing Feature Content

    Features is a slideshow layout, with various configurable themes, designed for showcasing image centric content.
    • Creamy
    • Healthy
    • Spicy

    A Text Snippet or Newsticker Content Layout

    Headlines is built with a word counter to auto snippet text. Images can be included and there is multi-line support.
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Must See

  • B&B 4 seigneursGuides

    Een aanrader voor wie een dichtbij vakantie zoekt, graag wandelt en van rust en mooie natuur houdt. Ook met de kids een leuk avontuur bij Stef & Lut.
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  • GantryFramework

    Comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform theme.
  • RocketLauncherDemo

    Install all of the sample content seen on our demo for each individual theme. This is the easiest way to hit the ground running with WordPress and Ricochet.
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Wrap Up

Ricochet is a professionally designed theme, constituted by a corporate appearance which combines an overall conservative and soft visual frame, with subtle but effective colors and typography, to provide character and definition.

The Crew

  • Annie Smith

    • UI Designer
    • England

    As as expert in designing User Interfaces for the past 10 years, Annie brings experience and passion to Ricochet.

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Mobile Menu

  • Panel
  • SelectBox

Choose between a side panel menu or selectbox for small / mobile devices.